Monday, September 10, 2012

Stampin' Up! events ALWAYS rock!

This weekend was the most fun EVER! Well, anytime spent at a Stampin' Up! is the best time ever! This weekend was no exception. We had a wonderful time seeing old friends and making new ones, laughing, staying up late, eating yummy food and what would a Stampin' Up! event be without swapping and stamping...LOTS and LOTS of stamping!

If you know me, then you know when I left for Denver I was NOT done with my swaps! That's a rule. Laura cannot attend a stamping event without being behind! My friends will think I'd been replaced with a clone if I ever come to an event ready for swapping! So, if I'm going to an event, you can count on me (and my poor, wonderful, awesome, silly friends) spending a LOT of time finishing up at the very last possible minute.

I can't post pictures right now, but by this evening I hope to remedy that. This new laptop does not have a spot (I don't know what it's really called) to plug my camera card in to download, so I must get a cable or something so I can do that. But...I will post pictures of all the gorgeous swaps I traded for in Denver.

My dear friend, Barbara Welch met me in Denver on Thursday. Of course, you know we spent the next few days laughing, shopping and stamping in our hotel room. OH MY WORD, was it the most scrumpshy hotel EVER! I think every Stampin' Up! demonstrator needs to stay at Embassy Suites. Period. (If you've ever worked on swaps in a cramped hotel room, sitting on the edge of your bed with the lid from a toilet tank as your work'd know what I'm talking about!) There were TWO comfy office chairs and HUGE table with a 2-shelf ledge next to it where we stashed ALL of our stuff! This room was meant for working on swaps! DIVINE!!!!

And the DELISHUS breakfast buffet!!!!! I had a made-to-order omelette every morning, a huge pile of crispy bacon (yes, I said huge pile) and a plateful of juicy cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. On our 2nd day, the chef greeted me with, "Ham & egg today?" Seriously? He remembered? I guess we made an impression on the hotel staff...we were presented with a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries our last morning there! Awwww, what a divine week of pampering! I guess they couldn't help but be dazzled by our beauty and sparkling personalities...nearly everyone else there were Steelers fans in town for the big Broncos/Steelers game. We were just about the only 2 who weren't dressed in yellow & black, shouting "GO STEELERS" all the time!

I'll post more about the event over the next day or two. First, I must run some errands, do some laundry and take a look at my gardens. I'm a little scared to do that, as my husband is not the best at taking care of my precious flower beds when I'm away. (I think he does it on purpose to keep me home.)

For those of you who are currently sitting in your chair with your mouth hanging open or on the phone to a girlfriend telling her she "is NOT going to believe this.....Laura posted on her blog!" just relax! I have made a vow to myself - again - that I will, really and truly, will start blogging! I just have to do it. Scared to, intimidated by it, crying cuz I can't get a picture to load or a link to work (hahaha, like I even know how to do that!)...I WILL DO THIS! Starting can expect 3 or 4 blog posts a week, at least. As soon as I really do get the hang of it, I will begin to load pictures and hopefully even someday have tutorials and albums and....well, you know, all the fun stuff you want to see!

So, stay tuned and.....every now and then give me a little encouragement. This is really, really, really, really, really a big step for me! In the meantime, I'm going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then go out to buy a cable so I can load pictures. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hi Laura, I got one of your swaps, I you like to know how you punch out the BOO!

    Love the swap by the way, I plan to use it at my next workshop!

    Kathy Howes
    Denver, CO

  2. Hi Kathy...I'm so glad you liked that fun little card. It's so quick & easy and shows off so much product! Don't forget to lightly brush the raised web with a tiny little dab of white craft ink. The "BOO" is punched with the Little Labels Punch Pack. Have fun!

  3. How fun is this! I'm so happy you're able to do something you LOVE - that's wonderful! And I certainly would be thrilled if my name happens to be one of the ones you draw...:0) Here's hoping!

  4. Hi, Laura, just wanted you to know I'm giving your blog a shout out in mine today cause I'm posting the Valentine I made for your WOW swap at Leadership! I think it was my favourite swap there! By the way, my hubby had his surgery, we made it home and he continues to recover here.
    Thanks for your prayers!


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