Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm so excited! Well, I'm always excited about something, but this I am REALLY excited about! My blog is going to be redesigned by a PROFESSIONAL! Yeah, that's something I'm NOT! It will take awhile, there is always a waiting list, but I'm in line! I'm so happy and I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

There will be all kinds of links with all the important blah blah that a good crafting blog should have, all the links to catalogs and minis and publications from Stampin' Up! will be available and lots of other fun stuff. Most exciting for will be custom designed! YAY for me!

So hang tight, all of my 9 followers. hahaha I know there will be more, I'm determined to have a blog that you will want to read the very minute you wake up! You know you do that....wake up, get your coffee and check out your favorite blogs....I do it too! Anyway, in a few months time, this blog will be so rockin' awesome...I can't wait!

Today, I am out in the yard. Of course, it's 95 degrees today, but I just have stuff that HAS to be done, so there is no fancy paper crafting today. There is WAY too much work to do outside. My 2 gorgeous pottery planters were blown over in some random wind storm while I was gone to Denver....they both broke. I'm trying to find some equally gorgeous planters to replace them with, but the selection is pretty grim this late in the least here in Wichita.

I hope you're getting creative today!

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