Saturday, January 15, 2011

Now I really DO have to start blogging...

So, I've been in Nashville for several days attending a Stampin' Up! conference. Part of the fun stuff we do is at these events is gathering with other demonstrators and sharing our fabulous paper stuff. We all make hundreds of cards and projects and trade them with each other. We identify all that fabulous stuff with our name and I decided to challenge myself by including my blog information. WHAT was I thinking? You know what this means? It means that I HAVE to actually figure all this blog land stuff out. Ya'll don't know how intimidated I am by this. I'd rather stand up in front of a thousand women and demonstrate on Main Stage than do this. Put me behind a stove or at a scrappin' table and I'm completely in my element; put me behind a computer and I feel like a kid learning how to ride a bike! But I know I have to, not only for my customers and other wonderful people like me who check out crafty paper blogs every day...but because I just handed out several hundred projects with my name and blog address on them. Disclaimer: I'm not home yet and won't be for several days, so don't expect me post anything yet. I promise I will though, I promise, really I do. My sweet new friend Sara has told me she'll help me and I know she will cuz she's really into all this stuff. I'm so excited!

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